Beautiful nails can control people’s minds and beautiful
nail paint is the key to that control. Grab the control key
with amazing Milap 9 to 6 nail polish.


The available gorgeous shades will define your nails more
perfectly. Try out different nail art with this nail paint
combo. The top coat nail polish will give an excellent
finish to your nail art. All the shades from simple pink nail
polish, green nail polish to stylish brown nail paint, black
nail paint, white nail paint or trendy nude nail polish,
metallic nail polish, glitter nail polish, or sizzling red nail
polish or nude nail polish combo will suit your every
mood and occasion.
The quick-dry formula of this matte nail polish makes it
every woman’s favorite. The fan-shaped brush will help to
apply nail paint more perfectly. Don’t forget to apply the
top coat every time for the best results. The glossy and
high pigmented color will make you forget to use nail
shiner or even nail glitter. Slay your bold nails with bolder
nail paint matte.
Create your imagination on your nails with this amazing
matte nail paint. Choose red nail polish for women and
kill everyone with your more seductive nails. Relax, your
murderer nails won’t get arrested.

How to Use

Step 1. Apply a clear base coat to help prevent your nails from yellowing and to extend the life of your nail polish color

Step 2. Brush one coat of lacquer from the centre of your nail starting from the base to the tip

Step 3. For the cleanest look, leave a small space at the bas of the nail, then apply polish to the rest of the nail

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
pallavi raj

The color is exactly as shown in the picture. Looks absolutely bomb. Got delivered before the estimated delivery. Not completely sheer or opaque, two coats would do.

shikha taneja

Awesome color, budget nail polish, stays as it is for at least a week even with hardcore household works, much more satisfied than higher priced branded ones...

Vidhi soni

I really like this nail paint. The colour is exactly the same as shown in the picture when double coats are applied. It’s affordable and so long lasting, usually my other brand nail paints tend to chip off after two three days but this one is intact. If you are looking for a shade like this, or any other shade too, I would suggest trying out this brand. They have given quality product at an affordable price.

Milap 9 To 6 Nail Polish
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