Bring out your inner doodler and grab our sketch pen – the SKETCH ARTIST Eyeliner. Its high-pigment formula delivers a rich definition, all with the ease of using a sketch pen. So go forth and draw a masterpiece.

Product Features

1. Smudge-proof & Water-proof eyeliner.
2 . Lasts up to 14 hours
3. High-pigment formula.
4. Smooth, easy & effortless application
5. Suitable for those sensitive eyes and contact lenses

How to Use

1. Grab our Milap sketch pen.
2. Drawaline strating from the inner corner of the eye.
3. Sweeping across to the outer corner.

Pro-tip: the artist look

draw an ultra-thick cat-wing, covering the whole lower half of your eyelids with liner. Apply liner in a thick line along the lower lash line, and layer on the drama by connecting it with the wing


Deionised Water, Edta, Xanthan Gum, Triethanolamine, Acrylate Copolumar, Pigment Blsck, Propylene Glycol, Preservatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
i love eyeliner

I love how smooth this eyeliner was to apply. Usually, liquid eyeliner is a disaster and a half, but I basically applied this in one shot. ONE SHOT!

Angel Agnihotri

I'm the worst at using liquid eyeliners, but this is new level. The application is insanely easy, the lightweight and great quality of the product. I did wingled eyes in less than 3 minutes effortlessly. I love how instantly it gave me amazing look, cat eye. The eye liner lasted for hours and didn't fade out for hours. Great size to put in purse and carry around. Overall, I'm impressed.

Khushboo khan

6. I liked it a lot . It gives a very dramatic eye look as it is very pigmented and intense which I like but i think I will probably use it only during the weekends, it is long lasting and very easy to remove, I didn’t get any bad reaction on my lids. I recommend it 100%

ritika verma

This eyeliner absolutely blew me away. I've never tried out this brand so I wasn't sure what to expect but wow. This eyeliner is easily better then most high end luxury brands I have tried. It draws a nice sharp wing with no drag. It stays on almost flawlessly for hours on end and isn't horribly difficult to remove which is nice. Would recommend to everyone and will definitely be purchasing when I run out!


I love black eyeliners and this one is awesome to apply. It glides super easy and love the fact that the color is intense.


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